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27. - 31 Oct 2017

Illusion show

27 Oct 2017 // 9.30pm & 11.30pm
28 Oct 2017 // 11.30pm & 00.30am
29 Oct 2017 // 6.30pm & 9.30pm
30 Oct 2017 // 9.30pm & 11.30pm
31 Oct 2017 // 9.30pm & 11.30pm

A real magic theatre with enchanted figures and characters, protagonists of an almost unreal world where the public is transported through a portal and enters a magical dimension. Set in a stunning scenery, the protagonists create illusions with amazing details: incredible objects with extraordinary shapes and colours, embroidered costumes for the big event. The colourful lights that dress the scene are a wonder to the eyes; and the soundtrack tops it all off – it enters the spectator's soul and makes him feel the real protagonist. Every detail, every word and every gesture is transformed to lead you into a fantastic world, where the impossible becomes possible and where reality kisses fantasy.
This is magic! Nothing will ever be the same again!


Information and booking:
t +386 5 331 13 41

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