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Tango fatal

6 - 8 Oct 2017

Dance show

06 Oct 2017// 9.30pm & 11.30pm
07 Oct 2017// 11.30pm & 00.30am
08 Oct 2017 // 6.30pm & 9.30pm

TANGO FATAL is an international Argentine tango company based in Trieste. It was established by Guillermo Berzins, a world famous dancer and choreographer from Buenos Aires, who has decided to bring the magic of this passionate dance to Europe, continuing the tradition of so many illustrious predecessors who have made it famous and popular all around the world.
The show has a strong emotional impact also thanks to a wise and innovative work of lights. On stage, the dancers bring to life the sensual and mysterious atmosphere of Buenos Aires, but in a setting which is abstract and suspended in time, so it remains contemporary and modern, without taking the spotlight away from the dance, which is the foremost and fundamental element.
Interpreting the romantic and dramatic notes of the most famous existing tangos and combining the rhythms of different eras with the contagious energy of the Argentine folklore and spectacular contemporary choreography, TANGO FATAL is a promise of an irresistible seduction!